Hot Stone Pedicure
Shellac Gel Pedicure
Aveda Sensory Journey Pedicure

Polish Change
Nail Repair

Paraffin Foot Treatment

All services shall only be performed on intact, healthy scalp, skin, and nails.

Pursuant to Board Rule 240-4-.02 State of Georgia

Customers should not shave their legs the same day as receiving pedicure services to reduce the risk of infection.

Any razor-like implement, such as a credo blade, shall not be used. In order to reduce the chance of injury or infection, licensees shall not use any razor-type callus shavers designed and intended to cut growths of skin such as corns or calluses, e.g., credo blades
In order to prevent the spread of bacteria, pumice stones shall not be reused from one customer to another to prevent the spread of bacteria.
No pets – Only guide and service animals are allowed in facilities.